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What Would My life be Like Without Access to Digital Media?

“First pickup 6:45 am,” says my iPhone’s screen time. I’m not even 100% sure that I was fully awake at 6:45 this morning ( today is my off day), but my phone reports that I picked it up at that time. “63 total pickups” it says for the day, surely my phone is misrepresenting me… Actually, I don’t think that it is. I recently had to track my digital media consumption over a 24 hour period and found that I consumed 16 hours and 50 minutes of media in a 24 hour period. Yep! you’ve read that correctly, I ElaborateEbony, consumed 16 hours and 50 minutes of digital media within a 24hour period last weekend. I wish I could recall all that i did, but to be honest i’m not sure how that happened. (see link below for proof of my digital consumption)

Think about it, when you access your Maps for directions, are you aware of how much time you’ve spent looking at or listening to you phone? I doubt that you are. safe to say that’s what charged up hours spent consuming digital media for me last weekend . No! I didn’t use a map app all weekend, I was talking about my lack of cognizance for the fact that i rely on my iPhone for everything. So to answer the question, what would my life be like without access to digital media? Well, to put it simple, I would be lost! I depend on my phone to wake me up; I actually use an app called Alarmy to wake me up during the week. I prefer to use this app than the iPhone’s built in clock because, Alarmy has brain stimulating activities which you must complete before you can silence the alarm for good. This app is ideal for a person like me, who can easily go back to sleep after snoozing a simple alarm.

Also, I access Waze for my daily commute to work. No, my daily commute doesn’t change. I’m dependent on Waze for the commute time and when i’m not traveling to work, Waze is still open. Yes, even if I know where i’m going. So to reiterate my statement above, I would be lost without access to digital media. I’ve only listed a fraction of what I use my phone for and I you can see I wouldn’t make it past my morning routine with digital media!

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