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Technology Through the Years

Let’s begin this entry, by doings things a little differently than my previous blogs. Your participation is needed and trust me this will be a fun journey.

Instructions: Take a few seconds to reflect and imagine the scene described in the next few sentences. Again, I state, this will be fun. I promise!

Now ready, set, go!

The year is 1948 your family has long recovered [financially] from The Great Depression, and is sitting in the living room listening to Columbia Records’ 12-inch vinyl. You’re excited that you’ve managed to acquire both the vinyl and the equipment to play the vinyl this go round, seeing how you were in financial despair when the technology first hit the market. (Close your eyes and imagine the scene)

The year is now 1966, you’re in your Ford Mustang (your choice of color) on a hot summer day, sipping lemonade and grooving to a Marvin Gaye 8-track tape . Now fast forward to the 1980s, you’re listening to that same Marvin Gaye record on cassette tape, and in 2016 your children are listening to that same record on their phone. With this little flashback exercise, I hope you were able to see just how much innovation and technology has changed within the last seven decades. some of which, was inspired by movies and television. For example, a show I hated as a child, The Jetsons, told the story of a family living in the future. Some of the gadgets and technology were too advanced for 80s, the decade of The Jetsons . However, would later come to fruition in the 2000s. Some of which includes:

  1. Smart Watches

  2. Artificial Intelligence

  3. Drones

  4. Artificial Intelligence Assistants (Siri, Cotrna, Alexis, actual robots)

  5. Holograms

  6. Smart cars

Just to name a few. It’s crazy to reminisce and see how far technology has come by looking at television shows such as The Jetsons, and see how revolutionary gadgets we often take for were mind blowing then. The saying goes “art imitates life ” but in the case of technology , I think the saying should be inverted, “life imitates art “. Literature, television , and Movies are always ahead of its time with regards to technological advancements. I would like to believe that this type of media is a great indicator to forthcoming innovations and where society is moving as a whole. With this theoretical idea as a premise and using Black Mirrors as another media indicator, society should be weary of technology and its effect on the human race.

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