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Oops, Did Google Do it Again?

Image source: well Google of course!

Today, Google was hit with an antitrust lawsuit brought by the United States Department of Justice or more infamously known as the DOJ.

If you’re familiar with my blog and my blog entry “How Big is too Big, for Large Tech Companies?” ( I questioned whether or not the big three (Amazon, Facebook, and Google) violated the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890; well Attorney general, William Barr seems to think so, along with the Judiciary Committee’s, Antitrust subcommittee which published a 449-page report a few months ago. The report claims that the Big Three and Apple have long become the “gatekeepers” of their respective industries.

The Antitrust Act is the first federal act that prohibits monopolistic business practices by large corporations and conglomerates. The act dissolved Standard Oil Company in 1911 and has since promoted a healthy and competitive market for businesses small and large.

For years, Google has been the go-to browser for internet users across the globe. Their monopolistic business and marketing practices have all but made consumers dependent on everything Google (information, navigation, logins, hangouts, cloud computing, and much more), limiting options for lesser-known browsers. Thus, many contend that they should divide the corporation. However, Google doesn’t seem to think so.

Source: @Googlepubpolicy on Twitter

In a Tweet shared on a branded account, Google states “The DOJ’s deeply flawed lawsuit would do nothing to help consumers. It could actually raise phone prices, make it harder for people to access the services they want, and artificially prop up lower quality search services.” Tweet –>

After many claims against Facebook, Google has created initiatives to improve business practices. In 2019, Google released statements claiming that they would end third-party cookie collection by 2022 bettering advertising and marketing experiences for consumers. Well according to the DOJ, there’s still room for improvement!

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