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Role: Content Strategy Intern

The task: Create socially impactful content to increase brand awareness for aspiring agency professionals, college students, recent grads, and small brands. 

The Inturnship in Iphone.png

The Challenge:  We wanted to create share-worthy content that addressed issues within the advertising industry, educated newcomers to the industry, and broke barriers of entry for those often overlooked. 

The solution: Developed resourceful, culturally relatable, and community-driven content targeting people from often excluded backgrounds.  

  • Channel: Instagram 


The Results:  

  • Increased WoW performance 

  • Generated over 2K engagements for a handle still in its infancy.

  • Delivered the thought starter for the handle's most engaged post of 2021. 

The Insight: Early-career professionals are looking outside of traditional internship programs to kick-start their advertising careers. 

Founded in 2020, The Inturnship is the first-ever creative agency run by interns and led by agency vetrans. 

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