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Challenge: People don't volunteer because they worry they lack the experience to volunteer. 

Whom are we targeting? L.A. Works services a breadth of community causes ranging from adult and children's education, family services, health and wellness, senior service, and environmental and sustainability services. This campaign targeted everyday Angelenos with leadership/ supervisory experience, seeking long-term commitment within a volunteer role, who are passionate about social causes.  

What is the main business problem? The biggest business problem is brand awareness. L.A. Works can't attract potential Project Leaders if no one knows the organization exists. 

The solution: People want to do social good but are often busy with life to commit to volunteerism. Therefore we executed a monthly series that not only celebrates Project Leaders but establishes brand awareness with an evergreen social campaign.

  • Channels: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook 

  • Results: As the first communications campaign from the brand, we reestablished brand positioning and saw an increase in social media engagement by 3%.

What would we like the target audience to think? L.A. Works empowers its volunteers to choose their social activist journey and answer the self-imposed question "why should I lead?".

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